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Simplify the candidates testing process

Speed up IT Interviews

Speed up Interviews

Easily create the real-work interview environment, send an invite link and test the candidates' skills live or capture their sessions.

Multiple remote workspaces.

Real-work Environments

Choose a pre-configured environment or build your own. Test your candidates with tools they are familiar with, focus on what matters and get the busy work out of the way.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Stop spending time to come up with fictional assignments and test candidates on actual projects. They see what they can work on and you see how they can help your team.

Hire smarter and faster

Save money

Accelerate your hiring

Gain more insights about candidates' hard skills. Make better hiring decisions on hard data faster.

Better retention

Better candidate retention

In the world where candidates rule, you can make their lives easier. Test their skills on actual project tasks.

Reduce hiring costs

Reduce hiring costs

Reduce your tech team involvment in the recruitment process. Unify and scale job interviews.


How it works?

Hire the best IT candidates! Anywhere, anytime, instantly.

Key Advantages

How are we better?


Full Environment in the Cloud

All projects are unique because IT teams use their own set of tools, frameworks, tech stacks and platforms. With Teamsharq tech recruiters can create their own environment in the cloud to test candidates with actual project tasks.

Live Collaboration & Recording

Create an environment for each role. Conduct a live interview or share the workspace to let the candidates do their work at their own pace. Minimize interview time and loss of productivity for your tech recruiters.

Multiplayer Features Within Each Workspace
Communication Options

Better tech competence screening

Don’t just trust the CVs, check candidates’ actual skills. See for yourself which part of the assignment was the easiest or most difficult for them. Learn about their strenghts and weaknesses before making the final decision on who to hire.


Education & Remote Work

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Pricing Plans


For beta users only!


/up to 7 days

  • 3x Test Workspaces
  • 1x Instructor, 2x Students
  • 1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk Space
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Total specs

/per month






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/3 days

  • Pre-configured Workspaces
  • 1 Workspace at a Time
  • 2 vCPU, 8 GB RAM
  • GNU/Linux

Coming soon




  • Pre-configured Workspaces
  • 1 Workspace at a Time
  • 2 vCPU, 8 GB RAM each
  • GNU/Linux
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  • All from Basic Plan
  • Custom Workspaces
  • Interview Recording
  • MS Windows

Coming soon




  • Whitelebelling
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Not only for Interviews
  • On-premises

Coming soon


"We hired a programmer and everything was great at the interviews... but when it came to work on a real project, in a real environment, it turns out that he never worked like that... We had to start the entire recruitment process from the beginning. It seems that you may have solved this problem."

Krzysztof Kosman, CTO at 1000software

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Pioneer Tournament

"Teamsharq is like GeForce NOW for tech recruitment and remote work, with team collaboration features as in Google Docs. Add a management platform to that and you get the whole picture."


Pioneer Tournament

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Commerbank Testimonials

"I've been working on the Teamsharq platform and I must say that it takes remote tech recruitment to the next level. The clear interface, ease of use, and features not found anywhere else are just a few of its many advantages."


Piotr Chudzik (Big Data DevOps | IT Trainer)

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Nordea Testimonials

"We are using Teamsharq to boost our IT recruitment processes and I must admit that I am positively surprised. We can test candidates in fully featured environments with the software we use on a daily basis. I see great potential for such tools in the future!"

Jakub Gajda (Chief IT Developer)

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